About Hwood Living

With its roots deeply embedded within the Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus, Hwood Living emerged from the vision of two college students aiming to provide exceptional housing for students. Hwood Living offers an array of housing options and communities tailored to meet student needs, ensuring a comfortable and exceptional living experience.

We Have One Goal: Deliver The Best Living Experience.

Choosing HWood Living as your residence means more than finding a new place to call home - it means joining a community that feels like family. We understand the significance of your living space and the quality of customer care you receive from management. We are deeply thankful for the chance to provide you with the best living experience, always striving to go above and beyond for every resident.

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Designing Spaces with a purpose

Every space is designed with the resident in mind, providing an experience and moment to remember. No two spaces are the same, so why do most get designed this way? Our team prides itself on creating cutting-edge, innovative, and solution-driven designs with the resident experience at the forefront of every decision.

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The values that drive Hwood Living


Dedicated to fostering an environment of success, providing the resources and support necessary for residents to achieve their goals.


From designing and managing a new property, Hwood Living and its team prides itself on delivering quality homes & personable management for all residents.


Striving to build vibrant living communities where connections can flourish and everyone feels a sense of belonging.


Ensuring transparency, fairness, and ethical practices in all interactions and decisions.


Embracing new technologies and creative solutions to enhance the living experience and meet the evolving needs of residents.


Committed to a culture of respect ensuring all interactions are characterized by dignity and understanding.